Seatons Marina
Established 1962
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We aim to provide all the basic services that boat owners need. If there’s something we don’t have, just let us know and if there’s a general demand for it we’ll try to provide it. We welcome new boat owners, short and long term, and do our best to provide the personal attention, help and advice which we know is valued by our customers.

Pontoon berths
These berths are suitable for boats up to about 40ft. We have a minimum depth of 7ft on the outer pontoons.

We are the only marina in the area able to provide open water moorings. These are fore and aft moorings, which are charged at a cheaper rate. Any disadvantages of having to use a dinghy are far outweighed by the advantages of the peace and quiet, the sound of rippling water, and no worries about losing a fender!

Trailer Hoist
Our trailer hoist can handle yachts or power boats up to 42ft or 12 Tonnes displacement, and up to 7ft draught. Masts can be left up if you wish.

Other services available
Trailer recovery, pressure washing, Electricity supply (metered), drinking water. We also offer a Yard storage service.

See also our Facilities section.

Trailer hoist in action
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