Seatons Marina
Established 1962
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In 1960, when Eric and Jane Seaton bought a small triangle of land at Drumslade from the local farmer, they had no idea how the place would develop. At the outset they weren't even going to live there, it was just somewhere to moor their catamaran, Seatonic. But they loved boats, and the river, with a passion, and in creating the marina they turned their hobby into their life, and never regretted it.

You can read Eric’s memoir here.

His wife, Jane, was always by his side, from their first boat Monarch to Seatonic and beyond. She was a tower of strength and his indispensable support, whether it was hauling up a sail, designing transparent ones on the living room floor, or simply encouraging him to spend more time on the water. The marina developed as a family concern, and Jane, who still lives at Drumslade, takes as keen an interest in it today as ever.

Andy took over from Eric in 1997, and under his management the marina went from strength to strength. He worked extremely hard, in all weathers, and greatly enjoyed the craic of chatting to any passing boat owner. Like his parents, he also enjoyed sailing, making many memorable trips with friends, including one in the Caribbean. He died in 2010, and his wife, Jill has taken over as Marina Manager.

The marina in the 1970s
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